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114th Ottawa Scouts


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General Information

Meeting Schedule, Uniform, Behavior,and Expectations.

Trinity United Church 1099 Maitland Ave
6:45p.m. to 8:30p.m.

Full Uniforms are to be worn to every meeting
Scouts Canada Shirt (clean with badges properly attached)
Blue pants (jeans, track pants, Scout pants)
Scout sash (with all badges properly attached as awarded)
Running shoes ( no slippers or barefeet allowed)
* make sure during wet/cold weather, other footwear is brought to each meeting - no footwear means no participation
Scout Handbook - is part of a full uniform
Dues: $2 each meeting. If the youth does not bring dues, they will be marked down and will have to make up for it next meeting.

Fighting, unsportsmanlike conduct, foul language, constant interuption, and overall poor attitude will not be tolerated
Court of Honor will deal with incidents if they arise

We expect each youth to participate to the best of their ability. They should know that they are coming to a place where they will be treated fairly, with kindness and understanding. They are here to have new experiences and have a lot of FUN!

114th Ottawa Scouts